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light  and  heavy music  for everyone

 straight up solo voice and  bass 

TRUE is  coming  soon!  February  6th the album will be  available in both digital and physical  CD  forms.  You can  order here on the  website (scroll down)  or at  There are  16 original songs that  are composed primarily in the  blues style,  but  I do wander into  rock, ballad  and even hymn territories.  I think a sense of humor and search for  meaning  are apparent in the  music...which I  hope people find singable and  memorable.  My songs,  wherever they come  me learn how to live...I hope they  inspire others  too.  xoxox

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t r u e to be relelased on February 6th

I'm really  excited to  release my first full length album! I wrote, performed and recorded all the music so it really is  'true'  Hope  you like it.  xoxoxo