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I'd be Candy

AC Haley
AC Haley


If I  were a food
I’d  be candy
If I were  a drink,
And I’d  love  to  be
three wishes
to grant you again and  again

If  I were a day
I’d  be sunny
If I were a walk
I’d be  slow
If I were a dress
I’d  be  satin
and  set your heart aglow

I’d  love to  be a diamond
or a bubble
or a song, the one you sing
when your heart is light
That would  be  my  perfect dream
my  perfect dream tonight

If I were a food
I’d be candy
If I were a month
I’d  be June
I’d  do anything just to  please you
and  keep our  love in tune

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t r u e to be relelased on February 6th

I'm really  excited to  release my first full length album! I wrote, performed and recorded all the music so it really is  'true'  Hope  you like it.  xoxoxo