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I'm a Fool

AC Haley
AC Haley


I’m  a fool  for thinking
that you’re the same  as me
I’m  a fool for  hoping
that  you could  set me free
I’m a fool  for  believin’  
in  things  outside of  me
I’m a fool
for cryin’

I’m a fool  for stayin’
in the same damn place
I’m a fool who wants different
from the  same  damn  thing
I’m a fool for  tradin’
my soul for  my  body
I’m a fool

People say, “Take it  easy”,
and I know  just  what they mean,  
cuz I’m a fool

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t r u e to be relelased on February 6th

I'm really  excited to  release my first full length album! I wrote, performed and recorded all the music so it really is  'true'  Hope  you like it.  xoxoxo